rise-and-fall-of-10th-grade-social-climberBook Title: The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber
Author: Lauren Mechling and Laura Moser
# of pages: 290
Publisher: Graphia; paperback (2005)

After the collapse of her parents’ marriage, Mimi Schulman leaves her mother in Houston to look after her befuddled photographer father in New York. Too preoccupied with family problems to think much about her new life, Mimi’s first hour at the Baldwin School–an institution where teachers off psychoanalysis in lieu of graders and students hold cocktail parties in the bathroom between classes–leaves her spinning.
When Sam, her childhood best friend, bets her she can’t befriend the “cool girls,” Mimi accepts the challenge, only to discover that social climbing in New York is no easy task. Fitting in with the blond, all-American popular girls back in Texas was nothing compared to joining Baldwin’s clique of raccoon-eyed waifs.
Rubbing shoulders with the offspring of diplomats and celebrities, all with secrets and dysfunctions that put her own domestic worries to shame, Mimi finds herself in one bizarre situation to the next–a fake-ID deli, a topless bar, a Jacuzzi in Trump Tower–and in position of winning a bet that threatens to make her lose sight of herself.
A coming-of-age story about friendship and betrayal, and about brutal honesty and it’s consequences.

Hmmm,.. I was thinking this book was going to be completely different than what I thought. But it was still a good read, not exactly a fast read took me awhile to really get it. It’s surprising that the “Coolies” all have different things about them that makes them so unlike, yet they are really close. It was quite interesting to read, I guess so. It was kinda boring to me, but loved the ending since to me it wasn’t predictable. Another book marked off of my TBR list,! (: