Book Title: Almost Home
Author: Jessica Blank
Number of Pages: 245
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Release Date: July 14, 2009

There is Eeyore, just twelve years old when she runs away from her priveleged home, harboring a secret she’s too ashamed to tell anyone. Rusty is a sensitive gay teen who winds up alone when his older boyfriend ditches him in Hollywood. Squid has gone through too many foster homes to count. There’s Scabius, a delusional punk from Utah who takes the “me against the world” motto to dangerous extremes. And Critter is a heroin dealer with movie star looks and a vulnerable heart. Laura should be home studying, but she can’t face another one of her mom’s boyfriends.
And then there’s Tracy, the damaged thread that ties them all together, irrevocably changing each life she touches.

Whenever you imagine Los Angeles or Hollywood, you think of glamour and billionaires. Not the homeless teenagers.

These simple but yet so complex teens spend their time growing up on the streets of LA. All they share in common is their history with dysfunctional families, the place they call home, and Tracy. This two-hundred and something paged book is the stories of the seven teens told in seven chapters. The characters face more than you could every imagine. A glimpse into their world will leave you feeling torn.

If I had to use two words to describe this book, I’d pick intensely blunt. The books gives you a real portrayal of the struggles of being a homeless teen. Even though “Almost Home” is fictional, the characters are beautifully raw on the inside and out. It will forever be a remainder that not every one out there is lucky enough to have people that care about them and a home.