how-to-build-a-houseBook Title: How to Build a House
Author: Dana Reinhardt
# of pages: 227
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books; hardcover (2008)

Building a house takes time and hard work. But a home can be destroyed in one terrible moment–as Harper discovers when her dad and her beloved stepmother get a divorce. Even worse, the divorce separates Harper from her stepsister, Tess.
It’s time to escape. Harper joins a volunteer program to build a house for a family in Tennessee who have lost their home in a tornado–not that she knows the first thing about construction. Soon Harper is living in a funky motel and working long days with kids from all over the country. She works alongside Teddy, the son of the family for whom the house is being built. Their partnership promises to turn into a summer romance, complete with power tools. For Harper, learning to trust and love Teddy isn’t easy, but it could be the first step toward finding her way back home.
Award-winning author Dana Reinhardt has written a rich and irresistible story; Harper’s honest, sometimes sardonic voice makes this a novel that readers will take to heart.

I really liked the way Mrs.Reinhardt switched from Here to Home and vice versa, even though I sometimes wanted to know more about one part before it switched.. But I really thought it was
a great story. I mean Harper actually kinds of changes the thoughts about the world’s environment for me, somehow. Harper and Teddy are really quite a couple. Even with a sweet guy unlike most of today’s guys, sometimes you wish they were more Teddy’s out there in this world. Will that give something away in the book, hmmm I’m not so sure but I would definitely recommond you read this book. I wonder if this book will turn into a movie because I think it may be worth-watching after reading it. Tell me if you do know.