Hello reader!

I know I’ve been gone for forever and a day, but I just seemed to have lost interest in reading this previous year. I had little time to enjoy life.. And reading become more of a chore then something I loved. Nevertheless, this month I have been acquainted with my love of reading! I may never be as active as I was, but I will try to post as many book reviews as I can. I never realized how much I missed reading till now. By the way, if you had emailed me at rimasbookjournal@yahoo.com, and I did not reply. My email account had been deactivated, but I think I reactivated it! So if you have time, you could always shoot me an email?

P.S.– Lately, I’ve been out of the book world for so long, so if you have any reading recommendations. Don’t be shy to suggest a book! If I ever get back home soon, I’ll be sure to go to the library soon.

Listenin’ To: Call It Karma by Silverstein
Thinkin’: I should post a new review up…