Wrecked Saturday, Jul 31 2010 

Book Title: Wrecked
Author: E.R. Frank
Number of Pages: 246
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: April 24, 2007

Dear anyone who cared about Cameron,

I was the driver of the “other” car.

The police and my mother and my father and plenty of people are saying that I didn’t kill her. But I know I did. That’s what her parents must believe. And my brother, Jack. He always sees what’s true. I want to tell him how sorry I am about the accident. I want to say a lot of things to him and to everybody — like how Cameron was smart and beautiful and kind in a way that isn’t all that common in high school. Like how much Jack loved her and how sometimes I can hear him crying through the wall at night. I want to say how bad everything can get.

In one split second.
Upside down and shattered.
Just like that.

Anna struggles to recover from an accident that killed her brother’s girlfriend. She soon finds out that she has something called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not only is she coping with PTSD, but a terrible father whose anger is quite frightening. She eventually sees a therapist who helps her through it all. I found the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is the form of therapy Anna went through to cope with the flashbacks of the accident very interesting. Anna’s flashbacks of old childhood memories were attention grabbers too. Those two kept me reading this book.

What first catched my attention to this book is the hyptozing green eyes. Those eyes captured my attention instantly, so I ended up checking the book out and reading it. The writing in this book was not anything spectacular. The writing style may have been intentional, so that the reader could connect with Anna’s fustrations. But it just annoyed me. I would have preferred the narrative to have been in Jack’s view because he was a much more likeable character then Anna.

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Thinking: I’m definitely need to work on my book reviewing and writing skills.


time to start again? Saturday, Jul 31 2010 

Hello reader!

I know I’ve been gone for forever and a day, but I just seemed to have lost interest in reading this previous year. I had little time to enjoy life.. And reading become more of a chore then something I loved. Nevertheless, this month I have been acquainted with my love of reading! I may never be as active as I was, but I will try to post as many book reviews as I can. I never realized how much I missed reading till now. By the way, if you had emailed me at rimasbookjournal@yahoo.com, and I did not reply. My email account had been deactivated, but I think I reactivated it! So if you have time, you could always shoot me an email?

P.S.– Lately, I’ve been out of the book world for so long, so if you have any reading recommendations. Don’t be shy to suggest a book! If I ever get back home soon, I’ll be sure to go to the library soon.

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Thinkin’: I should post a new review up…