the debutante - CopyBook Title: The Debutante
Author: Kathryn Williams
Number of Pages: 248
Publisher: Hyperion (May 20, 2008)

Annie MacRae’s senior year just went south. Specifically, to Beaufort . . . Alabama. Mere weeks before the start of what’s supposed to be the best year of her high school career, Annie’s parents inform her they are moving to the land of deep fryers,“debs,” and worst of all, her grandmother.

But before she can say “No way, y’all,” Annie finds herself living among the “others” and biding her time till she can head to college and get back on the right side of the Mason-Dixon. The only problem? To get that ticket to college, Annie will have to trade in her jeans for a white debutante dress and learn the true meaning of being a lady.

Annie MacRea is far from happy when her parents tell her that she’s moving from her home Connecticut to down south in Alabama. Her boyfriend dumps her, and later she finds out that her best friend is hooking up with him makes matters worse. To top all that off with her rich grandmother whose paying for Annie’s college, Annie’s bribed into debuting. And she has a feeling that she’s gonna hate it since she’s not what you would call a girly girl. Will she ever be able to call Beaufort–her home sweet home?

The Debutante had a cliche story line with it’s “parents move their child during senior year to a whole different atmosphere.” Annie complaints throughout the book were understandable. The emotions she went through were realistic. Mrs. Williams hasn’t just wrote a book about romance, but it’s involves friends and family problems too.

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