Diary of a ChavBook Title: Diary of a Chav
Author: Grace Dent
Number of Pages: 234
Publisher: Little, Brown Young Readers (October 1, 2008)

Fifteen-year-old Shiraz Bailey Wood’s days are filled with hoodies, hip-hop, and hanging around outside Claire’s accessories. Her parents work crap jobs and her school is pretty much chav central. But this lovable Essex dreamer with a brain and a heart of gold is beginning to feel there might be a lot more to life than minimum wage and the bling of a souped-up Vauxhall Nova.

A lot of snotty folks call Shiraz a chav. Well, if by “chav” you mean “charming, hilarious, articulate, and vibrant,” Shizza doesn’t mind that at all. Call her what your want. She don’t care. She’s keeping it real.

Shiraz’s is influenced by the environment she lives in, and the surroundings aren’t very positive. Her mother thinks that she should just look for a rich guy and marry him, and not actually use her own brilliance to get her through her life. Shiraz’s is smarter than the average person thinks, but she doesn’t try her hardest at school. So she gets stuck doing a boring job when her school has one of those times when you job shadow someone. Shiraz then starts to realize that she doesn’t want to work like that, and she even starts doing the work for school. Shiraz not only deals with her school problems, but also with family and her best friend situations.

Laughter is pretty much the only thing I received from reading this book. I did not read elegant and graceful flowing writting, but pretty frank tellings through Shiraz’s diary which is a nice change in my readings. If you don’t understand some of the British English words, then there is a glossary in the back of the back which was pretty useful to me. The writing just didn’t connect to me that well for some reason.

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