the ashleysBook Title: The Ashleys
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Number of Pages: 245
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing (January 8, 2008)

The Ashleys rule Miss Gamble’s Preparatory School for Girls. They are gorgeous, rich, impeccably fashion forward, and, yes, all named Ashley. Lauren Page has gone to the same school with them her whole life, and the Ashleys, if forced to remember, might recall only a faint memory of shoving mud in the poor girl’s mouth in kindergarten.
But Lauren Page is no longer the mud-eating loser she once was. And though she has completely changed her exterior from bargain-basement cast-offs to off-the-runway couture (props, of course, to her new personal shopper) she is still the same person on the inside. And that person has had enough of the current regime.
Look out, Ashleys. There’s a new name in school.

The Ashleys reminds me of The Clique series by Lisi Harrison. Both involving a group of girls who are the “IT” girls of their school and town basically. And one girl trying to get into the group.

The Ashelys are a trio of girls who are all named Ashley, but the head Ashley is the one called Ashley while the other two have nicknames that everyone calls them by. They basically run the school, and ruin the lifes of many non-SOA (Seal of Approval) girls.

A girl, Lauren, whose had a whole summer makeover plans on getting into the clique and then destroying them. But the entry into The Ashleys is not easy, at all. Lauren’s family instantly becomes rich when a site called YourTV becomes a success. Lauren accompanied by her newfound wealth–may be enough to access the school’s elite group, but obstacles come in place, and Lauren must remain on the lookout to avoid them.

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