in your roomBook Title: In Your Room
Author: Jordanna Fraiberg
Number of Pages: 203
Publisher: Razorbill (October 16, 2008)

When their families randomly switch houses for the summer, retro-chic LA fashionista Molly Hill and laidback granola boy Charlie Richards find themselves in totally unfamiliar rooms for two long hot months. Soon they become entwined in each other’s secrets, relationships and dreams. Day by day, they grow closer… even though they’re living 1,000 miles apart and never met face-to-face.

Can perfect strangers be perfect for each other?

Will Molly and Charlie make it through a summer of seductions, missed connections and the thousand miles between them to find out?

A charming, fluffy read! In Your Room isn’t trivial or inconsequential in any sense. I have no idea how I grew to Hmm.. the characters weren’t too perfect either. They had their flaws and did some regretful stuff, well Charlie did anyways and later Molly did in some context. I genuinely yearned for more!

This story launches from when Molly’s mom remarries a guy named Ron, and she is going on their honeymoon to Colorado which isn’t too exhilarating for Molly. So they houseswap with a friend of Ron’s house, and both Molly and Charlie dread it. Not realizing, that this summer is going to be on of the most stamped in your memory, noteworthy summer ever! They share emails and fall in love with each other’s personality which I think is tres [french for very] cute! I have not read a book like that where they fall for each other before even meeting each other.. In You Room is a refreshing, unique love story.

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