missmatch_lr1Book Title: Miss Match (Simon Romantic Comedies)
Author: Wendy Toliver
Number of Pages: 275
Publisher: Simon Pulse (February 10, 2009)

Sasha Finnegan has always had a knack for setting people up, and at sixteen, she’s turned her talent into an online business, molding high school crushes into true love. But Sasha finds her toughest match yet when hottie Derek Urban asks her to set him up with Sasha’s gorgeous sister, Maddie. It’s not that Derek isn’t a good catch. In fact, after spending so much time with him, Sasha can’t help but think he’s perfect–for her, that is.

Can Sasha push her feelings aside for the sake of her business? Or has this miss finally found her match?

First off, this was my first Simon Romantic Comedy book; I can’t believe I haven’t read one before.. I loove cute, romantic comedy books! (also one of my favorite movie type also) Hmm.. this is the type of book to read when its raining type books for me. I have no idea why.. it’s just because.

Sasha is the match maker who turns it into a job so she can pay off a surreptitiously accident with a neighbor’s car. She keeps her identity on the down low. She meets her match when Derek, the new cute kid at her school, asks to be set up with Sasha’s striking sister, Maddie. She doesn’t realize when she actually starts getting slightly compassionate about Derek Urban. However, she does end up not realizing what is happening to her. She tries to push it away..

I really enjoyed how there was like a mini plot along with a bigger plot. Mini plot being Sasha’s family going through a divorce. The bigger plot, being of course, the little matchmaker business. The characters had a little air of mystery.. I was diminutively a bit curious of Derek; I wanted something beyond what the book states about him. You do get to know him.. but I wanted more of something.. just something.. Hmm.. well I will unquestionably will be looking towards getting some more Simon Romantic Comedies in the foreseeable future.

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