artichokes-heartBook Title: Artichoke’s Heart
Author: Suzanne Supplee
# of pages: 276
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile; 1 edition (June 12, 2008)

Rosemary Goode is smart and funny and loyal and the best eyebrow waxer in Spring Hill, Tennessee. But only one thing seems to matter to anyone, including Rosemary: her weight.
Rosemary’s only boyfriends are the “secret lovers” stashed under her bed: Mr. Hershey, Mr. Reese, and Mr. M&M. Worse, Christmas brought nothing but unwanted presents: a treadmill from Mother and two tickets to Healing the Fat Girl Within from nosy Aunt Mary. And when your mom runs the most successful (and gossipy) beauty shop in town, it can be hard to keep a low profile… especially when the scale just hit an all-time high.
Rosemary resolves to lose the weight, but her journey turns out to be about everything but fat. A life-changing, waist-shrinking year is captured with honesty and humor–topped with an extra-large helping of Southern charm–in this enchanting debut by Suzanne Supplee.

Awwh, I felt for Rosemary throughout this book. I really got her and her feelings. Rosemary has many issues to handle all at once– her mom, her consistent argument with Aunt Mary, and her feelings for Kyle, a high school football star. She’s slowly giving up hope before Kyle asks her out, and she starts her Pounds-Away diet.

Rosemary’s bullied at school by chicks who think they are all that. Those bully chicks create mean nicknames for Rosemary such as Artichoke. All cause of a green jacket “Rosie” wore. You really get down into this book. I wanted to slap those stupid beeotch of chicks.

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