say-the-wordBook Title: Say the Word
Author: Jeannine Garsee
# of pages: 360
Publisher: Bloomsbury (March 17, 2009)

Just when everything seems under control,
a family secret can upset the balance

Everyone in Shawna Gallagher’s loife expects perfection, and Shawna does her best to oblige. She gets good grades, dates the right boys, and is tirelessly polite. But when her estranged mother dies suddenly, Shawna’s not sure how to have the “perfect” reaction. She’s still angry that her mother left ten years before and embarrassed that she started a new family with another woman. Shawna’s grief is further clouded by step brothers who know her mother better than she does–this was her mother, not theirs.
But as Shawna’s controlling father get involved, Shawna realizes she may not know the whole truth about the past. And then there’s the question of the stepbrother who may not be a stepbrother after all. As the family secrets continue to unravel, perfection becomes more and more difficult to achieve.

Wow, this book is really a wow-type of book. There’s so much emotion and everything involved with it. What really intrigued me to read this was the quote-able saying on the cover of the book, “If everyone wanted you to be perfect, would you forget to be yourself?”

This book really has so many different things going around it that it’s surprising when something else comes up. It’s also kind of sad with all that’s happening throughout due to some decisions and seeings. At first I was a little confused whether if Shawna’s mother was a lesbian or not, but I realized soon enough.

“Say the Word” is really a too-many worded expression that simply has an underlying meaning of along the words of you should read this, so go out and get yourself a copy.