violet-in-privateBook Title: Violet in Private
Author: Melissa Walker
# of pages: 210
Publisher: Berkley JAM Trade Paperback; (August 8, 2008)


I know I’m supposed to be Violet Greenfield the fresh-faced runway model, a cultured and worldly nineteen-year-old with super-high confidence because I’ve done fashion weeks internationally. But the truth is, modeling hasn’t raised my self-esteem all that much. And now that I’m finally headed to college, I’m afraid I’ll turn back into that girl who blended into the walls all throughout high school…

Vassar is just a two-hour train ride from New York City, so technically I could keep working. But I’d rather accept an editorial internship at Teen Fashionista. It’s a chance to be appreciated for something besides my height and weight! My friends in fashion think I’m crazy to stop modeling, but my best friend Roger is all in favor of it. Of course, things have been weird between us ever since we kissed–and now he’s got a new girlfriend. So I guess the question is:

If I’m not “Violet on the Runway” anymore, who exactly am I?

Well, I have finally finished this series! And I really liked these even if they are a little slow in the beginning but they speed up fast! So read them and tell me how you like them!

I was slightly surprised what happened between Violet and a guy best friend (can you guess who that is?). I thought that thing was kinda out of character for him.. but maybe all guys are really the same as some people say.

Technically, I was a little dreading to read the last book in the Violet series. I really wished there was more in the series maybe with a whole new twist to them? Uhmm, like becoming a movie star or singer or something famousy like that. However, it would be really cool if it like happened to Roger or Julie. But that’s just a thought though..