just-one-wish1Book Title: Just One Wish
Author: Janette Rallison
# of pages: 264
Publisher: Putnam, division of Peguin YRG; (March 5, 2009)

Annika Truman will go the ends of the earth to help her little brother–or at least as far as hollywood.

Stalking a famous (and hunky) actor and convincing him to come home with you shouldn’t be too difficult–should it? Annika is desperate to get her brother Jeremy’s favorite television star to come visit him in person. That’s the only thing that will convince Jeremy that wishes really do come true. And Annika’s deepest wish is for Jeremy to believe that his upcoming surgery will go well. Annika will stop at nothing to give her brother the power of positive thinking.

I read this heartwarming, romantic, slightly tear-jerking book in one day! (on account, that I was sick and didn’t go to school too) It’s hard putting down this book because it just was!

I really liked how Annika’s character was persistent on being so strong when most wouldn’t be. Annika and Steven’s conversion’s were really deep or funny or just like something you’d tell a best friend that you hardly knew. I could slightly predict what was going to happen at one point, but that’s what kept me reading.

I can’t really say anything else since it would probably ruin the book..