ttylBook Title: TTYL (Talk To You Later)
Author: Lauren Myracle
# of pages: 209
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. (April 1, 2005)

Told entirely in instant messages, this smart, funny novel is about the humor, hangovers, and heartaches of high school, and the friendships that get you through it all.

On the first day of tenth grade, best friends Maddie (mad maddie), Angela (SnowAngel), and Zoe (zoegirl) vow not to let school stupidness get them down… or spilt them apart. But as the weeks pass and the instant messages accumulate, temptation, math torture, donut emergencies, and Queen Bee encounters. Then a jerky boy sends peppy Angela into the dumps, tough Maddie makes a mistake that has the whole school talking, and good girl Zoe gets in over her head with a flirty teacher. Will the winsome threesome make it throught the year?

I finished this book yesterday in the car. And it’s a fast read, but I wasn’t really wowed by it, if that makes sense? I really was hoping for something more than just gossip, fights, and etc. It was okay of a book. There is some sexual content in it. I really saw the sadness and mad feelings throught the story and with the happy moments while chatting.

This whole book is IM’s between the three girls. It was interesting perspective of it that’s why I was interested in this particular book.