chaserTitle: ChaseR: a novel in e-mails
Author: Michael J. Rosen
# of pages: 152
Publisher: Candlewick Press (hardcover, first edition 2002

Fourteen-year-old Chase Riley and his parents have moved just sixty miles away from the city to a rural farmhouse. But Pickway County may as well be Mars. His new world is plagued by cicadas, invaded by mice, and overwhelmed by deer, most of them tagged and strapped to hunter’s cars.

Chase promises his parents he will MAKE AN EFFORT, but even his witty and disgruntled e-newsletters (typed at his current record of 47 wpm) can’t begin to describe how out of place he feels. At least his beloved dogs are having the time of their lives running free on his family’s ninety acres–that is, until an accident changes everything. Will Chase come to terms with hunters and hunting? Will he overcome his sense of isolation and find new friends in this alien new world?

Both humorous and heart-rending, Michael J. Rosen’s e-mail portrait of culture shock as seen through the eyes of a droll, sensitive teen will appeal to any kid who’s seen his world turn upside down–and managed to turn it right-side up once more.

I really didn’t like this book. It didn’t have much of a storyline for me. It was mostly about hunting and hunters.. It just wasn’t a good story for meh.