bright-purpleTitle: Bright Purple: Color Me Confused (TrueColors #10)
Author: Melody Carlson
Pages: 211

In the food court at the Greenville Mall, Jessica LeCroix drops a bomb: “I’m a lesbian.” Ramie Grant cannot believe her ears. Jess!? Her best friend, her teammate…a homosexual? It’s all way too much for Ramie to handle.
I can’t deal with this right now.
It’s just a matter of time before others on the basketball team find out. Quickly, little jokes become vicious attacks, making Jessica more reluctant to share an even bigger secret. Ramie and fellow teammate BJ want to do the right thing, except so far, everything they’ve done has backfired. In the end, Ramie must decide if she will stand by Jessica’s side or turn her back on a friend in need.

I haven’t ever thought about how tough it is to get your rights or not getting judged because of your sexaul orientation. This book has shown me that it’s really amazing how strong they are to be fighting for their rights. I don’t really know what else to say about this book since most is said on the back cover…