I read this book over the weekend since I got in from the library on Friday; I finished it today and took a AR test on it too. I got 80% on it. AR is accelerated reader if you didn’t know what that is. In my English class, we have to take AR tests and get atleast 10 AR points every about 9 weeks. It’s quite easy since I ended up with around 60 AR points in that same time.

But back to this book, I liked it. It’s pretty good. I picked it because I like the books by Melody Carlson. If you ever heard of the True Color series there written by her too. This book was also a sad book about a death from taking a drug and drinking too much water. This book is a part of a series called Degrees of Guilt. There all about the same event, but the difference is there from different sides of the story by different people. Miranda had the party at her apartment where Sammy died at, so this book is bound to be about all the guilt she feels. She feels like it’s all her fault and that she should die or go to jail for this. However, I don’t want to reveal too much, so I am going to stop now. You should read this book for yourself.